About Us

Have you ever wondered what you would look like animated? As if you had come straight out of a Comic Book or an Anime.

I have been an avid anime fan for over 20 years, and it has influenced a number of areas in my life, as I am sure it does for you too. Something that I have noticed is how people from different backgrounds are represented.

Due to the nature of Anime and even Comic Books; and the era and location in which they are written, often dictates what groups, and how they are represented, or not represented as the case may be. I embarked on creating this platform to enable us all to finally realise that fantasy of becoming an Anime or Comic Book character.

I often attend Anime Conventions and delight in seeing the variation of Cosplay efforts that people make. As I walked around a recent show, I considered the prospect of capturing that moment. Weeks, and even months can go into designing and making a costume that you may only wear a few times, so would it not be amazing to capture that.

Thus, the Anime Me concept was born! Converting your real life cosplay photos into animated images to enjoy for years to come. What I hope you will gain from this website is the chance to finally see yourself as the Superhero or lead character from your favourite show or movie, that lives in you every day.

Please share your images with your friends and family, myself and all the other Anime and Comic Book fans. Let's save and share our amazing cosplay efforts for future generations to see.